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When I set out in the wine business Romanee Conti was £400 a bottle and Petrus £80. Much has changed since those days, but some things have stayed the same. It’s still all about connecting people with the right wines, whether it’s classics year in year out or a walk on the wilder side.”

Bud Cuchet, founder

Cuchet&co was founded by Bud Cuchet. Bud’s three decades in the industry include 23 years as one of the co-founders of Fine+Rare. He's still just as interested as ever in getting to know clients and understanding what they’re after. It’s why Cuchet&co exists: to connect people and wine, hopefully with a little inspiration along the way.

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Meursault Charmes

2019 Meursault Charmes from Chavy-Chouet: “an absolute knock-out”

Tournant de Pouilly

Tournant de Pouilly from Domaine Ferret: a Cuchet&co recommendation

2017 Faiveley

Our favourite red Burgundy vintage to drink now


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I’m delighted Bud has launched Cuchet&co - we have traded with him for years with absolute confidence around quality and condition, from the humble to the very finest wines.”

Barry (Bazdad) Four Walls Wine